Press release for human chain organized by the movement "Macau for Timor"



Macau, September, 15 - A human chain will connect Macau to Taipa through the old bridge on Friday, September 24, at 6 p.m, in an allusion to the connection between Macau and East Timor in this sad an revolting days. White handkerchiefs will be tied to the handrail of the bridge.
MACAU, FOR TIMOR asks all the communities of the territory to participate in this event.
The people who want to participate will just have to form a line on the right side of the bridge (from the Macau side), tie the white handkerchief to the handrail and give hands.
If possible people should also take a white piece of clothing, colour that became the symbol of solidarity towards East Timor.
MACAU, FOR TIMOR is preparing other events that aim to gather funds for the reconstruction of Timor Lorosae, a place where, in this moment, a genocide is taking place, while politicians and diplomats delay humanitarian help and the envoy of the already UN approved peace force.
The massacre has been going on since 1975, when Indonesia invaded East Timor and it took proportions of a genocide after 79.5 percent of the population voted for independence on a referendum on August 30.