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Address: Lisbon, Portugal




  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Date and place of birth: 18/02/66, Santarém, Portugal
  • Marital status: Single



  • PhD student, Communications, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; and Fine Arts, Universidad de Barcelona
  • Master of Arts in Mass Communications by the Centre for Mass Communication Research, Leicester University, UK, 2000
  • Licenciatura (University Degree) in Mass Communications by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal,   1984/88
  • Web design courses with Macromedia programs: Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks, 2001
  • Course on script writing for TV with writer Moita Flores and director Paixão da Costa, November 2000. Follow-up in April 2002
  • Television journalism course in TVI (one of the Portuguese private channels), 1990
  • Television production course in RTP (Portuguese public television), 1989/90
  • Audiovisuals course of the Audiovisuals Union, with internship in RTP, 1988
  • Journalism course of the Youth and Culture House, 1983



  • Public Relations Officer for the Prisons General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, Aug.2000 to present
  • Full-time lecturer of the English Communications major of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macau, Sept.1996/Jul.1999 (taught Journalism, Public Relations, Mass Media, Intercultural and Interpersonal Communications)
  • Correspondent in Macau and Hong Kong, Visão (magazine, circulation number two weekly in Portugal),   1994/2000
  • Contributor to Asia Week and Inter Press Service, 1999
  • Contributor to several Macau publications (Revista Macau, Clarim, etc.) 1991/2000
  • Reporter and editor, Futuro de Macau, daily, Jun.1995/ July1996
  • Reporter, Ponto Final, weekly, Jan.1993/Jun.1995
  • Reporter, TDM, (Macau's radio and TV station), Rádio Macau, Dec.1992/Mar.1993
  • Reporter, Comércio de Macau, weekly, Aug.1992/Dec.1993
  • Voice over and TV presenter for TDM Jul.1991/Jul.1992
  • Programmer/assistant to the director in TDM, television, Jul.1991/Jul.1992
  • Reporter and editor of all the internal publications of the corporation Mendes Godinho, Lisbon, 1990/91
  • Reporter, Video 15, weekly magazine, 1990/91
  • Reporter, O Tempo, national weekly, 1989/90
  • Reporter, Semanário Video, weekly, Jan./Jul.1989 and Jun./Oct. 1990
  • Author and producer of radio programmes in RUT - University Radio, 1988
  • Contributor to Politika, magazine, O Actor, magazine, and regional publications in Santarém, 1981/1987



  • English - Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge University (eight years in the British Institute of   Lisbon)
  • French - Sixth year diploma from the Institute Franco-Portugais de Lisbonne
  • German - Third year diploma from the Goethe Institute von Lissabon· Cantonese - Basic course in Alliance   Française, Macau
  • Spanish - Good skills reading and speaking; sufficient writing



  • LIFE GOES ON, Portugal, 2002, 15’00’’, MiniDV, Colour, Drama
  • PARANOIA, Portugal, 2002-2006, 4’30’’, MiniDV, Colour, Drama
  • DESENCONTRO (MEETING), Portugal, 2004, 5’30’’, MiniDV, Colour, Drama
    • Premiére in Portuguese Video Show - 04 in Videoteca Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon Videotheque) – June 2004
  • EVERYDAY SOMEDAY, Portugal, 2004, 7´, MiniDV, Colour, Drama
    • Premiére Video Lisboa 2005, September
    • Feira Audiovisual Viaxes na Lusofonia Santiago de Compostela, April 2006
  • TRANSFORMATION, PORTUGAL, 2004, 3’, Mini DV, Colour, Video performance
    • 3rd Prize in the 2nd VideoRun of Restart – School of Creativity and New Technologies – Lisbon, September 2004
    • Portuguese Video Show - 05 in Videoteca Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon Videotheque) – June 2005
    • Feira Audiovisual Viaxes na Lusofonia Santiago de Compostela, April 2006
  • PISTAS (Clues), Portugal, 2004, 9’, Mini DV, Colour, Drama
    • Première in Portuguese Video Show - 05 in Videoteca Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon Videotheque) – June 2005
  • UMBIGO, Portugal, 2006, 3’30’’ , DV ,  Colour, Documentary proposal
    • Avanca Festival 2006, presented July 2006
  • HUNGER, Portugal, 2007, 5’, DV, Colour, Experimental
    • Galery 555, Porto, Portugal, January 2007
    • Purex, Lisboa, Portugal, May 2007
    • Feira Fetiche, Eira 33, Lisboa, Portugal, July 2007
    • Salao Erotico, Lisboa, Portugal, July 2007
  • SIZE 36 – ESSAY ON NORMS, Portugal, 2007, 5’, 5’ and 25 ‘, DV Cam, Video installation
    • First work of «Essay on norms» work in progress involving several artists, presented in Videoteca de Lisboa in Ver Fazer (Watch to do), March 24, 2007
    • DVD Project, Antiframe, 2008
  • BIGGER THAN LIFE - AN ESSAY ON NORMS, Portugal, 2008, 7', DV Cam, Experimental